I wuz invited to an Independant Film Festival Gala to celebrate women in film. I am not at all affiliated with the bizness but I figured what the hell, I'll celebrate women anywhere and anytime!

I arrived fashionably late, and paid my twenty bux at the door. I mingled my way in az a stranger in a strange land, then shmoozed me and my Coca Cola up to the top floor. Now they say that truth iz stranger than fiction, and I certainly agree. I saw with my own two eyez, on stage... I had got there just in time to see a really, really creepy tranzvestite doing a routine out of the movie Chicago. The only reazon I knew that it wuz from Chicago wuz becuz the two 'suits' beside me, were having a deep discussion about which actress (in the film) had originally done the scene. I wanted to interupt them by saying, "Who f**cking carez!? We got a freakin' transvestite dancin' for us, and Catherine Zeta Jonez don't got a dink baby!"

I stayed long enough to see him, her, or whatever the f**k it wants to be called, take out hiz coconuts for boobz and start pouring drinks with them.

F**king amazing.


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